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Since 2015 dozens of technology, software and service businesses have trusted the Automation Consulting Group as their go to Marketing Automation and CRM consultant. 

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Tech Company Case Study

Streamlining Business Processes and Increasing Revenue

Client Problem
Existing processes sending compliance emails to customers was less than ideal. Performance metrics were not available and there was no way to optimize the campaign. They were sure that revenue was being left on the table.

Solution & Outcome

  • Migrated more than 300 emails to Hubspot
  • Setup various A/B tests
  • Increased revenue by $1.8 mil – up 250% compared to the previous year.
Advent Moves People

Case study

Client Problem
The Advent Marketing team came to us needing help optimizing their sales and marketing processes. They didn’t understand how to best use their Marketing Automation platform or how to approach the process of aligning the sales and marketing teams.

Solution & Outcome
After a complete audit of their tech stack and mapping out their current Sales & Marketing processes, it was clear that their tools (ActiveCampaign & Salesforce) were not being used effectively.

By properly integrating ActiveCampaign to Salesforce and aligning the Sales and Marketing teams on strategy, we were able to help them operate more efficiently and close more business.

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Suzan Safer
VP of Marketing

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